Our story

Noemi Lashes is a brand specializing in the highest quality of eyelash extensions. The products are designed to provide you with easy application, numerous versions for all tastes and needs, as well as a guarantee of excellence and current global trends.

Establishing Noemi Lashes

The founder of Noemi Lashes is Ana Marija Telišman. She is the owner of an internationally renowned salon for nail art and lash extensions since 2005. Having achieved a number of top results in many important international competitions (1st place: London Autumn lash art competition, 1st place: LAI frame to frame contest, trainer, master division, 3rd place: International competition in Rome, 3rd place London lashpro competition, 4th place: International competition in New Zealand ...), successfully completing the best trainings by world-renowned artists in this area (London lash Pro Advanced, Nelly Soimina megavolume, Liuda apostle, Sonja Shmatko, Frankie Widdows ...), she decided to launch her own line of products designed to best suit the needs of her clients and allow for simple application with countless range of creative possibilities, with special emphasis on quality of materials that are used in the process of doing eyelash extensions.

The quality of her work was recognized by her peers, and her work is often published in magazines (Lash Inc. Ireland, Lash artist magazine, Lash artist international ...), she is often consulted for opinions and advice, and she also publishes her articles in renowned journals. She has been recognized as an expert in her work and has often published her articles in magazines. Thanks to all of the above, with pride and a lot of experience together with all the awards in the profession, she proudly holds a place on the inspirational Fantasy lash artist list.

In addition to selling its brand products, Noemi Lashes holds educations around the world (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Canada, Finland, Iran, New Zealand, USA ...) and sponsors lash competitions.


We are proud to present a top brand on the Croatian market – Noemi Lashes. Driven by years of experience and salon work for more than a decade in the world of decorating and doing nails and in the field of applying lash extensions, we designed and produced the best materials with numerous application possibilities, following the world trends.


Share with us the passion for applying eyelash extensions and create magical and unique artwork. Become a member of our new Noemi Lashes family with the constant support we provide for your work. Let your work be in sync with your customers' desires and with a special signature that is the result of using our products, tips and education about the latest global trends.