The basic lash extensions application course is designed for beginners, performed through 3 segments: theoretical part, exercise and work on models.

Through this education, you will learn the following:

– getting acquainted with materials and their use
– classic eyelashes – allowable thickness, length and curves – where to use each
– glue – conditions, temperature, humidity and how this affects our work
– eyelash application – tweezers holding and natural eyelashes isolation
– mapping
– hygiene and maintenance of eyelash extensions

Education lasts 8 hours. You need your own tweezers (if you do not have them, they can be purchased on the day of education).
Each student gets a script with detailed instructions and a certificate of education.

Price of education HRK 1.500,00 + VAT
Each participant receives a discount when purchasing a Noemi Lashes start package.